Average Pest Control Price List and Extermination Quotes

How much does pest control cost per square foot? Pest control has become an important aspect of our lives due to the damage, diseases and discomfort caused by pests.

We will be discussing pest control prices for the purpose of enlightening the reader on what to expect and the types of control available.There are several types of pests. The cost implications for eliminating them may vary accordingly.

Read on as we discuss these and other relevant information regarding the average home exterminator prices.

Are DIY Pest Control Methods Included?

When managing pest problems, a lot of options are available to you. This includes DIY methods. However, the impact of treatment is likely to be short-lived. In this article, we will focus on more standard pest control procedures.

Such services are offered by pest control companies. They have more standardised fees/ service costs in addition to the national average.

Factors Influencing Exterminator Costs

Pest control costs largely depends on the level of infestation. It also depends on whether you need treatment on an ongoing basis.

Under such circumstances, the pest control company sets a treatment program that fits your pest needs. A treatment calendar is designed to effectively combat pest problems.

To have a full understanding of what pest removal costs you are likely to incur, schedule a visit with a reliable exterminator service.

So how much does an exterminator cost?

Average Exterminator Cost for Bed Bugs, Spiders, Mites, Fleas, Termites, Roach, Mice, Ants

We had earlier said pest removal prices are influenced by single or ongoing treatment as well as level of infestation. In addition to these, the type of pest also matters. While the methods used to control some may be easy, the same cannot be said for others. The minimum cost for pest control starts at $52.00, while the maximum cost is capped at $1,500.00.

The National Average Cost for pest control is pegged at $211.00. apart from the national average, the average range for pest control prices falls within $134.00 $198.00.

One-time Pest Control Visits Vs Ongoing Visits

These are two different types of pest control treatments you can choose from. On face value, people are likely to assume that one-time treatments are less expensive than ongoing pest control visits. However the reverse is the case. A pest control company is likely to charge as high as $500.00 (starting from $200.00 to $700.00) for a single/one-time treatment, but $20.00 for ongoing pest control.

This is because scheduled pest treatment is easier to manage and has lesser pest infestation problems compared to single treatment which is likely to have heavy infestation. Infrequent pest control increases the chances of a return of these pests. On the other hand, frequent treatments reduces such chances significantly.

Estimated Pest Control Costs by Pest Category

Having discussed the national average as well as the average range of prices, it is necessary to consider pest control on a pest by pest basis. Some pests are easier to control than others. These differences reflect in many pest control services prices.

This section will allow you have a better understanding of what to expect when contacting a pest control service.

What are the average pest control charges?



  • Cockroaches Pest Control Cost

These are annoying and irritating pests to have around. Apart from the discomfort they cause, they pose serious health risks as well. Their droppings can get into food and water thereby causing serious illnesses. They also spread fast due to their high reproductive nature.

To keep them out, you need to contact a pest exterminating company as quickly as possible. Cost for the removal of roaches starts at $250.00.

  • Fleas  Pest Control Prices

These are pests which are commonly found around pet loving people. Fortunately enough, flea removal doesn’t cost a fortune. You can still keep your pets while keeping fleas at bay with reliable pest control services which start at $100.00. Flea extermination should be done regularly to keep your home and pets free.

  • Mice Extermination Cost

These pests are most notorious for the damage they cause as well as the health risks posed by them. The droppings and urine contain harmful diseases which can easily be spread to humans. They burrow through walls and cause damage to cables by chewing off the insulation of these electric wires. This can trigger fires too. Mice control treatments start at $150.00.

  • Rats Removal Cost

Like mice, rats too are very destructive. They operate in pretty much the same way. Rats transmit a variety of diseases which can be easily spread to humans. Some of these include; Hantavirus, mouth and foot diseases, rabies and salmonella. These spread faster when they come in contact with food. Their droppings contaminate such, leading eventually to these illnesses.

They too like mice cause damage to electrical wire insulation which can lead to fires. Rat removal and elimination services start at $300.00.

  • Bed Bugs Exterminator Prices

Bed bugs cause a tremendous amount of discomfort. These pests mostly have nocturnal feeding habits. They feed on blood and target their hosts (humans) when resting or fast asleep. Pest elimination services provide treatments for bed bug infestation. However, treatment costs may vary from $100.00 to $300.00 depending on the treatment option selected.

  • Termites Extermination Prices

Termites are among the most destructive pests you can find. These can attack your property from beneath the surface. If not noticed on time, you will be incurring substantial repair costs on such property or properties. Effective termites extermination requires the expertise and experience of pest control services. Different extermination companies will have a variation of prices. However the cost starts from $500.00.

  • Ant Extermination Cost

This is a pest problem which is widespread. These insects are attracted to food sources and map such locations with pheromones. There are different types of ants as well. The most destructive type is the carpenter ant. It can cause immense damage to property and furniture. The treatment prices for ants starts at $250.00. Carpenter ants are the most challenging and are more expensive to control. Treatment cost for these can be as high as $1,000.00.

  • Bats Removal Service Charge

Unlike the other types of pests, bats are not common pest problems. However for places with such, they require a bat removal service either within or around the property. Pest control services charge varying amounts for this service. This will cost between $150.00 to $500.00 depending on your needs.

  • Spiders Average Pest Removal Cost

Spiders are common pests which can be found almost everywhere. Their webs are unsightly and accumulate dust. This can be handled by pest control services. The cost for spider elimination depends on many factors. Whatever such factors may be, treatment can start from $200.00.

  • Dust Mites Pest Control Prices

Dust mites are found in dusty areas. A dirty environment provides an ideal breeding ground for them. This can easily pose health risks for people living within infested areas. You can seek professional help to rid your home or surroundings of these pests. Pest extermination companies will charge a fee ranging from $200.00 to $500.00.

There are several other types of pests and the corresponding control prices charged by extermination companies. If we have not mentioned your specific pest problem(s) above, then you may want to search our blog for your exact pest problems and the cost of treatment.

Having Pest Problems Between Visits

Having discussed the general and specific pest control prices, it is necessary to consider other areas as well. In the case of scheduling an ongoing treatment, pests are likely to resurface before a scheduled visit.

In such circumstances, pest control services usually enter into an agreement to treat related cases free of charge. This is an added incentive and an assurance of handling all pest needs of clients professionally.

Lowering your Costs

Most times, people want to get the best bargains when hiring a pest control service. The easiest way to achieving this is by comparing costs of various pest control companies for specific pest problems. When doing this, you need to find a balance between quality of services provided and cost incurred.

On the other hand, the most efficient way to do this is by using the following strategies;

  • Adopting Preventive Measures

This is one of the easiest ways of cutting down on costs. Pests are primarily attracted by food and an ideal breeding ground. You need to have an understanding of what these conditions are and also by keeping your surroundings clean. Food should be properly stored and covered and water leaks fixed. Drainages should not hold stagnant water and likely entry points for roaches, rodents etc. blocked.

  • Getting Free Quotes

Another way to cut down on the prices of pest control is by requesting for a free quote. This is a service provided by almost every major pest exterminating company. This will involve an assessment of the level of infestation and damage and what it will cost you.

  • DIY Treatment

Handling the job yourself means you do not need to pay anyone. You only need to purchase what is required to get the job done. However for this method to be effective, you need to understand the behaviour of these pests. You will likely find articles on the internet that advice on all pest types.

If you have a complex pest problem, this method is not advisable. You should seek experienced hands, in this case, the pest control services. Their approach and handling the problem is highly professional. Here are some options:

There you have it! Pest control prices are affected by a variety of factors. Some of the major ones have been discussed here.

With the information available, you should be able to know exactly what you want and how to approach any situation or situations regarding the choice of the most appropriate and cost-effective pest control strategies.

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