Do you know how much it cost to have Orkin spray your house for bed bugs, roaches and fleas? When exterminating pests, as much as people want a satisfactory job, the cost implications for these services are also paramount.

This is why we are we are concerned with providing the right answers to the question; “how much does it cost for an Orkin pest control?” Orkin is a major pest control services provider with thousands of clients across the United States. This article is meant to provide ready answers for new clients wishing to use Orkin’s wide range of pest control services.

So how much does Orkin charge?

How Much Does Orkin Pest Control Cost?

A lot of times clients, consisting of an individual (residential) as well as commercial need the best pest control services while considering the cost implications. This has resulted in a lot of pest control services offering competitive rates to attract patronage. Orkin is not left out in the provision of attractive pest control prices to its clients while also maintaining high standards. So how much does Orkin cost to get rid of bed bugs?

Orkin’s Range of Services

Pest control covers a variety of pests ranging from ants, termites, cockroaches, rodents, wasps, and bed bugs; others include fleas, spiders, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, mites and weevils among several other pests. Orkin provides pest control or extermination service for these pests consisting of the common to the not-too common pests. The cost implications for the extermination of the above pests differ based on the severity of infestation and also depending on the type of pest.

Also, there are no similar treatments as each pest is handled differently to ensure maximum results. The treatment process considers the negative impact chemicals have on the environment. Thus, treatment is done using the least harmful chemicals to ensure the safety of the environment while achieving the best results in the extermination of pests.

The Cost of Orkin Pest Control Service

The cost of using an Orkin pest control service largely depends on the type of pest control services selected, as some pest control services are normally charged higher than others. Orkin is also franchised across several states within the United States and beyond. This makes stable pricing a bit of a problem as variations in pricing may occur across different franchises. However, there is no significant difference in pricing variation across Orkin franchises.

Orkin has pest control plans to choose from. These pest control plans include inspection and protection plans which ensure that your residence or business is inspected all year round, even when there are no recorded cases of infestation. This works similar to an insurance cover where your house inspected and protected against pests. In the event where an infestation is discovered, it is immediately treated and the cost of treatment covered under this plan. This plan ranges from $300 to $500 per annum.

For clients who have discovered pest infestation in their properties, the treatment costs are significantly higher than inspection and protection plans stated above. Under this plan, thorough treatment leading to the complete extermination of these pests is carried out. The cost of this treatment ranges from $450 to $2,000. The severity of infestation also contributes to the pest control cost.

Orkin Financing Options

Orkin clients benefit from its financing options. However, this is only available under its termite control services. Before a client is deemed qualified to benefit from its financing option, such a client needs to first contact Orkin to schedule an inspection of his/her property. During this process, and based on the results obtained, an Orkin specialist then designs a treatment plan factors in the needs of the client. After this process, financing options are then discussed with the client.

Client’s covered under Orkin’s Pest Control Services

Orkin offers its range of services for both residential as well as commercial clients. Under its residential/home pest control service, all forms of pests are included in its extermination services and these services are carried out through its specially designed 6 points of service which include Investigation, Protection, Fortification, Monitoring, Reporting, and Follow up. In briefly explaining;

  • Investigation

Your home or residence is thoroughly investigated for existing as well as present or current pest problems. This is followed by;

  • Protection

Adequate protection is provided through the use of effective treatments using environmentally friendly methods to eliminate all types of pests.

  • Fortification

Treatment or extermination is only complete when preventive measures are adopted to ensure that pests do not return. Hence, Orkin ensures that cracks are secured or plugged to keep these pests out of your property.

  • Monitoring

Pest monitors are used to providing adequate surveillance to immediately respond to any incidence of pest infestation or activity on your property.

  • Reporting

Detail reports of services offered are logged, and recommendations given to ensure that your home is free of pest activity.

  • Follow up

Regularly scheduled visits are organized to ensure that your home is well monitored. In the case of an urgent need for intervention in-between these periods, Orkin swings into action immediately.

For Commercial Clients, Orkin offers its comprehensive pest control services on an industry-by-industry basis which may require or need different treatment approaches. A wide range of industries is covered.

Some of these include the food and beverage processing industry, healthcare, government, food service, hospitality, and logistics industries. Others include office and property management industry, hospitality, retail, educational and pharmaceutical industries among several others.

How much does it cost for Orkin pest control? This question has been adequately answered above in addition to other vital services provided by Orkin which cover residential as well as commercial clients. We have seen that there is no fixed rate for its pest control treatments, as it depends on the natural level of infestation.

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