Borax for Fleas

If you are suffering with a flea infestation in your home, it can be so frustrating to get rid of them.  Many of the so called remedies simply don’t work and they come with a steep price tag as well!  I wasn’t too keen on using the unnatural chemicals on my carpet and floors because I have little children who are constantly dropping things and putting them in their mouth.  What effect will the flea poison have on my 15 month old baby?  I wasn’t willing to take that chance.

On the recommendation of my veterinarian, I tried using Borax.  It worked remarkably well for me, and I’ll give you my tips and tricks below.  The other thing that I liked about this method is that it doesn’t use a commercial pesticide or any other unnatural chemicals to kill the fleas.

The main use of borax in the United States is as an ingredient in laundry detergents.  Around the world, it is commonly used as a food additive for preservation – especially in caviar!  It is also used in swimming pools to correct the acidity levels (it is similar in some respects to baking soda).  The same type of borax isn’t used in all of these applications.  The first time that I tried this method, I used a borax called 20 Mule that is a laundry additive.  The problem with this particular kind of borax is that it wasn’t ground up enough for good penetration into the carpet where the fleas are.  So my first attempt was a failure.  I then learned that there is a borax made specifically for use with fleas.  It is called Fleabuster RX (sounds impressive – I guess they needed a fancier name than just Borax for fleas), and I was able to find the best price here at

How to Use Borax For Flea Treatment

You can basically just follow the directions included with the Fleabuster RX, but I’ll outline the basic idea.  You put the powder into the carpet where the flea infestation exists.  A push broom is handy to work the product into the carpeting and to ensure that it gets down to the area where the fleas are.  The borax will dry out the flea eggs and over time the number of fleas will decrease.  You will notice an immediate drop in the number of flea bites, and over the course of a week or two all of the fleas will be completely eliminated.

Another benefit of this treatment is that it will eliminate any problems that you have with ants or roaches in your home.  The same drying agent characteristic that makes borax for fleas so effective also disrupts the natural reproduction of other pests.

20 mule team borax to kill fleas

Preventing Fleas

You will obviously notice that this isn’t a treatment that you apply directly to your pets.  The Fleabuster RX is a product that you use when you already have a flea problem.  In order to prevent further outbreaks of fleas on our pets, we have started using Frontline Plus.  It won’t prevent the problem that you have right now, but it will prevent the fleas from coming back.  Make sure that you pick the right type – there are formulations for dogs and cats – and that you match the weight of your pet as well.

Do you know that fleas do more than just make your dog itch? Fleas are some of the hardiest pests that can live in different hosts. The type that infests your dog or cat will not just make him irritable but will also cause him so many complications. If your dog has fleas, then you should borax fleas away to completely save your dog.

Borax, the laundry detergent and household cleaner that most homeowners have grown to trust, is a handy pest control treatment for your pet. It can kill fleas, eggs and larva from places in your home that your dog frequents and it can ultimately prevent fleas from coming back if you use it regularly. You won’t believe what f

Borax Fleas Away for a Healthier Pet

leas can do to your pet:

  1. Your pet dog or cat may suffer from severe blood loss or anemia when fleas are not attended to. Fleas feed on blood and they will never have enough of it! Remember that fleas can lay up to 50 eggs in a day and it lays every 12 days; if you don’t do something about your pet’s fleas then it may be too late!
  2. Flea larva may harbor tapeworm eggs and your pet may swallow these larvas as he grooms and licks himself. Having tapeworm in your dog or cat’s gut is a serious illness and he can die if he does not receive treatment right away. So when your pet has fleas your vet will also provide treatment for tapeworm as well.
  3. Fleas may pass all sorts of illnesses to your pet. Puppies and kittens are usually the most vulnerable since these pets are weak and have not developed resistance to diseases yet. Chances are, puppies and kittens that are infested with fleas from their mother will soon die.
  4. Fleas may be passed on to other pets and may even bite humans. The only way to prevent all these from happening is to borax fleas away.

Borax will prevent fleas and will kill fleas, larva and eggs in any surface. The reason why most homeowners trust borax fleas treatments is that it is very easy to do and it does not cost too much compared to using other chemicals and expensive cleaners that may also have terrible side effects.

In using borax for fleas, you should remember that your dog also has to receive treatment. Borax is not applicable for topical use on pets and it is also dangerous to swallow borax. It is only sprinkled on the area where your pets frequent so that it can remove fleas and eggs. Your vet will recommend an ideal flea treatment for your dog as well as deworming treatments to kill tapeworms that may come with flea larva.

Make sure that you regularly treat your home from fleas with borax and at the same time make sure that your pet complies with his treatment. Only through rigorous treatment of borax will you be able to save your pet’s life and your home as well.

Different forms of Borax

Borax for fleas is available in different foams – powder, crystal and cream. Those who want to avoid the use of borax powder as it may sometimes cause slight irritation to throat and skin can opt for borax slime which comes in tubes and is easy as well as safe to apply. 20 mule team borax is made of 100% natural borax. As a laundry product it effectively removes the stains and also deodorizes the clothes. Besides as a laundry booster 20 mule team borax is used as a stain remover for carpets and floors, as a cockroach killer, cleaning agent for bathrooms, for cleaning cookware and refrigerator and as a water conditioner. This product is available in supermarkets as well as grocery shops.  Borax for fleas is very easy to use also. Just by powdering the places where the pets stay the fleas can be eliminated. Not only the adult fleas, the larvae and eggs also will be destroyed by the borax powder. For flea infestations inside as well as outside the homes application of borax for fleas is the best and easiest solution.

Borax For Fleas 19

Procedure for applying borax

As the first step to eliminate fleas from homes using borax for fleas the house must be thoroughly cleaned up. The furnitures must be moved away so as to cover all dark corners of the interiors where the fleas usually breed. Toys, shoes etc. should be cleaned separately. The closets are also to be cleaned. In order to ensure effective application of borax the carpets and furniture upholstery are to be vacuumed. Springle borax over the carpet, furniture, corners of the rooms and inside the closets. The powder or solution can be uniformly spread using a push broom. The borax should go deeper so as to eliminate the larvae and also the eggs of fleas. While applying borax on furniture a hand broom is used to ensure that the borax reaches all parts of the furniture. After 24 to 36 hours the borax can be vacuumed from the carpets and furniture. As a result of vacuuming the desiccated fleas will be removed.  Effect of borax for fleas will remain for one year. However, if carpets are washed thoroughly borax must be applied again to maintain the effect. For cleaning of shoes, toys and other small articles borax slime can also be used instead of borax powder.

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